19 Brilliant Stay at Home Date Ideas for Couples that you will want to steal

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Many relationships are currently being tested. In addition to home office and lack of other social contacts, discussions are easy to be started. That’s why a bit of quality time for couples is all the more important in these uncertain times. But how can you spend a romantic evening for two when you have to stay at home as a couple?

It doesn’t always have to be the romantic little Italian restaurants around the corner or the small cozy cinema in the city. A date night at home can also provide you and your significant other with a wonderful time. In this article, we have put together 19 fun and romantic stay at home date ideas for couples.

For a fun and romantic night – Stay at home date ideas for couples

1. A cinematic night

movie night for couple, popcorn

Let’s start our list with something very classic: a movie night. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic comedy. Pick a movie or two that you both like. This can be one of your favorite movies or a film that neither of you has seen before.

Switch into cuddle mode. With a cozy outfit, a few pillows and a fluffy blanket that you can slip under during the movie, the whole thing becomes even more beautiful. And the most important thing, of course: snacks. We love our popcorn machine, which we use to get the cinema feeling right into our living room. But if you don’t have a popcorn machine, microwave popcorn, nachos, chocolate or whatever else you like to eat will do the trick.

2. Game Night

Game night at home as a couple

If you prefer to actively spend time together instead of simply watching a movie, a game night is just the activity for you. It doesn’t always have to be a large group of people because many games are even more fun when played in pairs. Whether a board game, classic card game or something completely new.

Eduardo and I love the classic board and card games, such as Uno or Ludo (or you might know it under the name “Sorry“). But also other games like Phase 10 or Naga Raja bring a lot of variety and fun.

3. Candle Light Dinner

Candle Light Dinner at home, stay at home date ideas for couples

As I said, it doesn’t always have to be the little Italian restaurant around the corner. You can also enjoy a romantic dinner for two at home. Whether you share the work (one takes care of the decoration, one takes care of the food) or one of you surprises your sweetheart with a romantic meal is entirely up to you.

Put on a pretty tablecloth, light one or two candles, and put on some romantic background music. Incidentally, whether you cook your own food or order from a restaurant or delivery service you like is entirely up to you.

Extra tip: How about the fire screen from Netflix to conjure up an even more romantic mood? 

Going out feeling Extra tip: In order not to miss the typical going out feeling, why not put on a nice evening outfit and make yourself pretty as if it were really going to a nice restaurant? You will see, it feels very different right away;)

4. Dancing Queen

couple dance at home

Spent the whole day in the home office? A little movement is just right. Clear the furniture in the living room to the side and dance.

The most romantic thing is probably a couple dance. Just put on some suitable music and you’re ready to go.

It gets even more creative when you learn a new dance style together. There are lots of tutorials on Youtube that will teach you a few new steps. And when you go out next time, you can proudly show off your newly learned dance skills.

Before our wedding, Eduardo and I practiced dancing every weekend in our living room and it was a lot of fun.

5. Become a pizza chef

baking pizza at home as a couple

Instead of just ordering a pizza, why not just bake one yourself? So you can not only cover your pizza according to your own preferences but also spend a little time together and even get creative together. Because maybe you would like to try something completely new? Whether it’s your own creation or a classic – there’s nothing like homemade pizza.

You can either make your own dough and a homemade tomato sauce (you can find great recipes online), or simply buy a ready-made dough and sauce in the supermarket, which you only have to roll out, cover, and put in the oven.

Extra tip for those keen to experiment: Since our honeymoon in South America, we’ve been totally into peach or mango on our pizza – for everyone who can’t get enough from pineapple on your pizza (Now, you know – we are team pineapple on pizza. It simply tastes amazing)

6. Karaoke Night

Karaoke night as a couple

Sing all your frustration out together. Whether it’s your favorite song or a romantic duet, whether kitschy pop song or soft rock. There is certainly something for every taste.

Turn on the karaoke box, play Singstar, or search for the karaoke version of your song on Youtube. Singing together is a great way to spend some time together and have a lot of fun.

7. Something for clever minds

solve crosswords as a couple

For as long as I can remember, my parents have been solving the crossword puzzle in the newspaper every week (actually against each other, but in the end they help each other anyway) and I’ve always found this a wonderful little tradition. It doesn’t necessarily have to be crossword puzzles: you can as well solve a word grid or sudoku together.

A quiz can also be a great way to spend time together. Whether in the form of video games like Buzz or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, online quizzes, board games like Trivial Pursuit, or classic quiz programs on TV.

8. Get crafty

crafty, scissors and other dyi tools

Lately, you have been probably spending more time at home than ever before. Of course, you also want to feel good in your surroundings. Then how about a little new decoration? Get creative together. Search Pinterest or a few DIY blogs for creative ideas and implement them together.

Whether simple handicrafts for window decorations or creative ideas for which you even have to be active in terms of craftsmanship – there are no limits to your creativity. With this kind of crafty date, you won’t only have an engaging and fun evening but also a lot of cool new stuff that gives your flat a more personal touch and reminds you of your loved one.

9. Become a beer tester

tasting beer at home

Do you like drinking beer? Then this activity is just perfect for a delicious evening at home. Before I knew Eduardo, for me every beer was just a beer (and this coming from a German – drinking beer is already part of my DNA I guess). But Eduardo showed me the wide world of the Craftsbeer, where you can find incredible varieties with even weird examples such as tomato or chocolate beer.

There are no limits in the world of craft beers and so nothing surprises me today. But even if you don’t like it that exotic, you will definitely find a new kind of beer that you love.

Because in addition to the normal varieties such as wheat beer and Pils, there are so many other beer alternatives to discover. Incidentally, our personal absolute favorite is IPA (Indish Pale Ale) – thank me later ;).

10. A Picnic on the balcony

Picnic on the balcony

For many, a romantic picnic in the park is the absolute dream of a romantic evening for two. But how about a classic picnic on the balcony or in the garden instead? Simply cover your balcony with blankets and pillows.

Make it really cozy with candlelight or fairy lights. Prepare a few yummy snacks that you will serve at your picnic. Add a delicious glass of (red) wine and your outdoor picnic is perfect – without leaving your home.

11. Create a photo album

photos, photo album

As a couple, you have probably collected a lot of memories together. Nothing is nicer than sitting down and indulging in these memories together. Because let’s be honest, how often do you really scroll through your phone or PC and have a look at all of your digital photos?

Therefore, you should definitely create a photo album. Whether a general photo album, one of a special day, the last vacation, or maybe even your wedding? Maybe you even did a photoshoot together?

You can either print out the pictures individually, sort them together, stick them in and label them, or put together a photo album online that will then be sent home to you later.

12. Indulge in memories

watching old photos, memories

Maybe you have already created one or two photo albums, as described in the last point? Then watch them together and get lost in the sweet memories you’ve made together.

If you don’t have any albums, you can also create a slideshow and view your photos on your PC or on your TV. Maybe you also want to share old memories with your partner? Whether children’s photos or the pictures of a vacation that you took without your partner. Take a look at old photos together and find out more about your loved one.

13. Find YOUR series

watching series as a couple

Eduardo and I usually have very different tastes in how a great series should be. While I like to follow typical sitcoms like Scrubs or Big Bang Theory, where you can easily miss an episode without losing track of the plot, Eduardo likes more profound series like Peaky Blinders.

It is all the more wonderful when we finally find a series that we both like equally. Of course, as soon as we have found “the one”, we will watch all of the episodes together in one setting. Also with a glass of wine, pizza, and, of course, lots of snacks.

Right now, we are watching Tiger King and if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s about time.

14. Throw bananas at each other

playing video games as a couple

Please, don’t take this one literally – No, we have not suddenly lost our minds: it’s, of course, about playing Mario Kart. Playing video games together ensures a really high fun factor on your date. Whether classics like Mario Kart or something completely different.

We also love games that you can only win in a team instead of just playing against each other. Many party games also include such kind of games. If you don’t have a console yourself, you can also find great games for the PC. Even your AppStore now offers some fun options. You will definitely find some interesting games.

15. Plan your next big adventure

Plane a couple trip

While you spend so much time at home, you should be allowed to dream a little, too. Where have you always wanted to go? Spread out a map and throw a dart or agree on a travel destination that you always wanted to visit. Or you can as well plan a unique activity that you have always wanted to try.

Such an activity could be something quite spectacular, like skydiving or bungee jumping, or just a destination in the area you would like to visit. Make a few plans and don’t forget to set a day to make your plan or trip a reality.

If you want to travel together, make sure to read our guide on how to travel together as a couple without wanting to kill each other.

16. Try something completely new

cooking together as a couple

Can you also relate to the following? When ordering food, you always end up ordering from the same pizzeria or cook the same old recipes? How about trying something completely new? Find a recipe from another culture and country online, try a new kind of food, or just cook something completely new.

Another option is to order from a new or even unusual restaurant. Why not try the dish on the menu that you can least pronounce? Whether a dish from a different culture, a different dish, or different flavors – just something new. And who knows, maybe you will find your new favorite dish that way.

17. A musical date

a couple listening to music

Let’s schedule a musical experience. Eduardo and I are not always on the same line when it comes to music. Despite everything, we keep finding that we can show each other great (new) songs that we end up loving both.

Especially since we have an 8-year age difference and grew up in different countries, there are many songs that the other did not know before we show it to each other. But even without age and cultural differences, there are definitely a few songs that you like and would like to share with your love. Enjoy a wonderful evening filled with awesome music and find some new favorites together.

18. Watching the stars

watching the star sky at night

Get some comfy pillows and cozy blankets and make yourself comfortable on the balcony or in the garden in clear weather. Look up and enjoy the romantic view of the starry sky.

You can try to discover the constellations in the sky – just google for the information on the star formations. Or wait for shooting stars to fly by in order to make a wish. Incidentally, this deeply romantic activity can be perfectly combined with a romantic picnic outside.

19. Have a private theme party

a motto night, old casette on orange background

Choose a topic and plan your evening according to your chosen topic. There are no limits to your creativity. Whether it’s disguise, films, food, music, games, or other activities is entirely up to you.

Such topics could e.g. be a color, a country, or a specific year.

I am sure there is also an idea that the two of you can enjoy together, isn’t there? Or do you have another creative idea of how you can spend an evening with your loved one at home? Let us know in the comments below!

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