In Singapore yay!

Welcome to SweetVidaHome!

This is Vicki and Eduardo. We are a young German/Spanish couple based in Barcelona who can’t stop traveling!

Priya and Eowyn

We are IN LOVE with animals, Vicki has two lovely dogs (as you can see on the picture) and Eduardo used to live with 2 cats. That is something we always look for when we travel. Wildlife and nature never cease to amaze us when we are in distant lands.
We come from quite different fields. Eduardo is a web designer with +10 years of experience whereas Vicki is a tourism graduated with experience in hotels abroad (China, Maldives…) and after a challenging 7 months trip to South East Asia we decided to make our dreams come true: become online entrepreneurs to gain more control on our time and lives.
In 2017 we started a travel blog to give the best tips about traveling and recommendations of the places we’ve been so far. And it’s working pretty well! but after some time, we found that we wanted to talk about other topics that wouldn’t fit thematically said blog and decided to open SweetVidaHome which will be a more opened (or “random”) blog in which we would talk about anything that we find useful or helpful.
We hope to reach a different and bigger audience and in time, who knows? We would love to be able to preach the goods and bads of the lifestyle we want to achieve and keep on traveling while we can!