How to vacuum under a bed – A step-by-step-Guide

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When was the last time you vacuumed under your bed? If it’s been a while, you’re not alone. Many people forget to vacuum this area, but it’s an important part of keeping your home clean.

Cleaning under a bed can be a daunting task. It seems like a lot of dust and dirt accumulates under there. This article will show you how to vacuum under a bed in a step-by-step guide.

Vacuuming under the bed – This is how it works

Vacuuming under the bed, super woman lifts bed

1. take out boxes and objects from under the bed.

Before we start the actual cleaning, we must first remove everything that is located under the bed. This may be, for example, boxes or other items that are stored under the bed.

Surely, the boxes and items under the bed also got some dust. Therefore, you might want to clean them as a first step.

2. Make some space

Before you start vacuuming, you should create a bit of space around the bed if possible. Only then will you have enough range and the right angle to find and reach hard-to-reach places under your bed with the vacuum cleaner. First of all, move the boxes and objects into another room or in front of the door.

The more space you can create around the bed, the better.

3. place the vacuum cleaner at the correct angle

vacuum under bed, man vacuum under bed at right angle

To make the angle as flat as possible, it’s best to squat or sit on your knees in front of your bed. Try to get under the bed with the vacuum cleaner at as shallow an angle as possible, as this is the only way to reach all the places under your bed.

It is important that the bed is not too low and that you have enough space around the bed to allow a flat angle with the vacuum cleaner.

If this is not the case and you don’t have enough space to really vacuum everywhere under your bed, we have a few more options for you below.

3. Move it (If possible)

Another way to vacuum under your bed is to move your bed to the side. However, you need some space in your bedroom even for this option. So, if your bedroom is big enough and your bed is not too heavy or not attached to the wall, you can simply move it to the side. This way, you have the perfect opportunity to vacuum under your bed.

However, there aren’t that many beds where this possibility is an option, as many beds are too heavy to just push aside like that.

But if you have the option, slide your bed to the side, vacuum up the dust under the bed, and then return the bed to its initial position.

3. vacuum cleaner attachment

Another option is to use a vacuum cleaner attachment, which is basically an extension for your vacuum cleaner. There are special extensions that allow you to reach even the most difficult corners under your bed (like this one on Amazon).

Even with such an extension, it is helpful if you have created enough space around the bed to really be able to clean all the corners from the dust under the bed.


vacuum cleaner robot to vacuum under the bed

If you really have very little space or your bed is relatively low and none of the previous options are possible for you, it may be practical to think about purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner.

Because these do not require a certain angle to get under the bed and can just drive back and forth and so and suck up the dust under the bed.

It is also easier for the robot vacuum cleaners to get under the bed at all because they can perfectly adapt to the conditions due to their small nature.

3. remove mattress and bed base for vacuuming

One last option to get rid of the annoying dust under the bed is to remove the bed-slatted frame and mattress before vacuuming. You can just put them in front of the door during the cleaning process. Now you have enough space to get under your bed with the vacuum cleaner as well.

After you have cleaned under your bed in this way, you can easily put the slatted frame back in place and place the mattress back on the bed.

Why vacuum under the bed at all?

Vacuum carpet, vacuum cleaner on green carpet

Over time, many things accumulate under your bed. And I’m not just talking about all the unnecessary keepsakes and unused items that we store under our bed.

Vacuuming under your bed is important because it removes dust and dirt that accumulates on the floor. By vacuuming, you also reduce allergens and other particles that can trigger allergies and asthma.

More practical ways to remove dust from under your bed


Another option, if you do not have a vacuum cleaner at hand, is a conventional broom. Its thin handle allows you to reach deep under the bed to get out even the most stubborn dust.

A disadvantage of the broom, however, is that you might stir up the dust as you sweep it out and thus get it into the air you breathe.


Another option is a regular duster. Make sure that your feather duster has an extra-long handle so that you can reach the furthest corners under your bed.

A duster is particularly suitable if not much dust has accumulated yet, but is only a light layer of dust under the bed. If there is more dust or even dust bunnies, you should rather use a broom or vacuum cleaner instead.


If you have parquet flooring or a similar type of plain floor in your bedroom, you also have the option of using a hairdryer to remove that pesky dust from under your bed.

To do this, simply set it to the highest setting and hold the hairdryer under your bed on one side. This will blow out the dust on the other side of the bed. Here you can simply vacuum or sweep it up.


If you want it to get particularly clean, it is also recommendable to use a mop. However, the mop should not be considered as its own option, but only as an additional method for extra thorough cleaning.

After all, if there is already a layer of dust under the bed, the wet mop may only spread the dust under the bed instead of removing it.

Therefore, use the mop only after you have already vacuumed or otherwise removed the dust under your bed.

Additional tips for cleaning under a bed

Bed with long bedspread

Clean regularly

Try to make cleaning under your bed a regular routine. Be sure to use the vacuum cleaner under your bed about once a month when you clean the rest of the room.

This will contribute to the overall cleanliness of your bedroom and prevent the accumulation of allergens and dust under your bed. Keeping a general cleanliness routine will also add to make you feel happier at home.

Another advantage is that when you clean, you raise less dust that could get into your respiratory tract.

And the third advantage of regular cleaning under your bed is that it is simply quicker to clean when there are not so many dust bunnies underneath.

Sort out unused things

Who is not familiar with this? Over the years, so many items accumulate that we simply stow away under the bed. This includes many things that we actually no longer need, such as old packaging or the like.

The fewer things you have deposited under your bed, the faster you can clean there. Therefore, try to get rid of unused things or store them elsewhere.

The items that accumulate under the bed can also be put together in boxes to make it easier to take them out from under the bed the next time you clean.

Don’t forget the bed frame

When cleaning your bedroom, make sure that you also clean the bed frame. This is best done once you have vacuumed under the bed, as the dust stirred up can settle afterward on the bed frame.

Depending on the nature of your bed, you should first dust it and, if necessary, clean it again later with conventional cleaning products.


If you live in an area where there is a lot of dust in the air, it may even be worthwhile to buy a long bedspread for your bed. This bedspread should reach down to the floor if possible. This will prevent dust from accumulating under your bed.

Instead, it accumulates in front of your bed, where it can be cleaned up much more easily.

Store things under the bed in boxes with covers

One last tip I have for you is to store your things piled up under the bed together in boxes. You should make sure that the boxes each have a lid when doing this. Because in this way, the items accumulated under the bed do not have to be dusted individually each time.

This saves time, as it is much easier to wipe a box than each individual item inside.

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