Funny and original umbrellas – Our favorites

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Everyone needs it from time to time: the umbrella. But is not it already too sad when the sky is gray and the ground full of puddles? How about something more than the typical umbrella? Next, you will find practical, beautiful, and special umbrellas that will make every gray day a little more colorful. You can buy original umbrellas online as a gift or, of course, use it yourself.

We look at umbrellas of all kinds: umbrellas for men and women, beautiful umbrellas for children, umbrellas for teenagers, and transparent umbrellas for fashion lovers. And here are our favorites.

Funny and original umbrellas

Inverted umbrellas

The inverted umbrella is the latest umbrella trend. Not only does it look great and bring a little color to your life on a gray day, but it is also very useful.

On the one hand, this umbrella can be easily hung on the arm thanks to its practical handle. So you always have a free hand and the umbrella is much more comfortable.

The other advantage of this umbrella is that you can fold it easily from the inside out. Therefore, it is much easier to transport, since it does not wet everything that touches the umbrella.

For more information and prices of the inverted umbrella, take a look here.

Storm umbrella

How annoying it is when the new umbrella breaks right in the first storm. Unfortunately, this has happened to me more than once. With this umbrella, this problem is a thing of the past, since it is resistant to storms with a wind speed of up to 140 km / h.

Despite its robustness, the umbrella is light and compact, so it fits in any pocket. Its Teflon coating also makes it fast-drying and mildew-resistant.

If you want to know more about this resistant umbrella, click here.

Transparent Umbrella

The latest umbrella trend is spreading across Europe: the transparent umbrella. With its grip that adapts perfectly to the hand, this umbrella looks incredibly elegant. So if you want something more elegant, whether for weddings, business lunches, or other celebrations, this umbrella is perfect.

Given its large size, it is also perfect for couples and does not weigh much.

Would you like to buy a transparent umbrella online? Then take a look here. 

Mini pocket umbrella

This umbrella comes in an original cover in the form of a capsule. The advantage of this small umbrella is how compact it is. It adapts easily to any bag without weighing too much (only 276 grams). The capsule not only looks great but also provides an ideal shell to keep the wet umbrella.

With its originality, this umbrella is not only practical but also the perfect gift for friends or a couple.

For more information and prices of the pocket mini umbrella, click here. 

Funny umbrellas

Another way to give some life to our umbrella is with one of these. The umbrella is small and practical and can be carried in the bag. There are also several sayings to choose from.

See all the options here.

Umbrella with printing

In addition to a fun umbrella with slogans, printed umbrellas are a nice alternative to the traditional umbrella of a lifetime. How about an umbrella with the pattern of an animal as cute as the lazy one? That will definitely draw people’s attention.

This umbrella can hold up to two people and is made of water repellent material.

For more information and the price of this original umbrella, take a look here.

Vintage umbrellas

No one will miss you with this umbrella. Not only its shape, but also its striking color are clearly distinguished from a gray day. This umbrella is also available in different colors.

But not only on a rainy day makes this umbrella so good. You can also use it as an umbrella and it looks good even in special celebrations like weddings.

You can find more information about this umbrella here.

Heart-shaped umbrella

Another umbrella that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd is this heart-shaped umbrella. It is especially good for weddings or just to bring a little color on a rainy day.

This umbrella is also a suitable gift for friends or your partner.

You can find more information about this unique umbrella here.

Flamingo umbrella

This year, tropical designs with exotic animals is what it takes. If you are looking for something in the latest fashion, take a look at this umbrella with flamenco prints. After taking a look at this tropical umbrella, the bad weather does not weigh so much.

But even on sunny days, you could use it as an umbrella, as it conveys the feeling of summer with its exotic design and protects your skin from harmful UV rays.

You can find more information about this Flamenco Umbrella here.

Umbrellas for girls

When I remembered my childhood, I was fascinated by everything related to the princesses and the rose, and many girls even today feel the same about these things. So if you want to make a princess so small, this princess umbrella with a crown is perfect.

The umbrella is perfectly adapted to children, as it is easy to open without risk of injury. By the way, under the sun it will also protect you from the heat. With such an attractive umbrella, it not only makes a little girl happy but also automatically improves her safety on the road, as drivers can see her better on dark, gray days with her pink umbrella.

You can find more information about the princess umbrella here..

Dinosaur Umbrella

While little girls are more interested in princesses and pink, it is likely that a small child will be more comfortable with such a cute dinosaur umbrella.

Also, the Dino umbrella with its outstanding and conspicuous dorsal scales increases safety on the road for the child.

You can find more information about the dinosaur umbrella here.

Shark Umbrella

Not all young children are interested in dinosaurs. How about a flashy shark umbrella instead? Any one of them will be happy to have one.

Even its handle has the shape of a fishing hook.

For more information about this unique umbrella, click here.

Have you found the right umbrella for you? Please let us know in the comments below.

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