Winter Must-Haves – The best Winter gadgets to keep you warm

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The days are getting shorter again and the temperatures are falling. Winter is getting closer and closer. It is now time to prepare for the onset of the cold. With our 14 must-have winter gadgets, you are always well protected against the cold.

With these ingenious winter products, the cold season might even become your new favorite season. And if you are still looking for a creative present for your loved ones, those might as well be perfect for everyone that easily gets cold.

The best Winter Must-haves

Blanket with sleeves

Let’s start right off with one of my all-time favorite cold-weather accessories: a blanket with sleeves. Years ago, my own blanket with arms was an impulse purchase when I stocked up on products for my new flat and discovered them on a special discount. Since then, the blanket has been by my side every winter.

Whether for reading or writing on the computer – the blanket with arms is incredibly practical as it not only keeps your body warm but also your arms at the same time. In addition, it is fluffy and soft and therefore perfect for TV evenings on the couch, when you want to nibble a few snacks on the side or switch through the program with the remote control in hand. In all honesty, I’m wearing the blanket right now as I type these lines.

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Cup Warmer

During the cold season, I always have a cup of tea on my desk to keep myself warm while working. Unfortunately, you have to drink the tea immediately to be able to enjoy it really hot. However, in order to enjoy my tea hot, I always have to take a little break. Those who prefer to have the tea one sip at a time often drink the rest cold – the perfect solution is therefore a cup warmer.

Simply place your cup on it and connect the device to your PC via the USB port and your cup will be warmed from below. Cold tea is a thing of the past with this practical winter gadget. And if you are more of a coffee drinker, you can of course also use the device for your coffee cup.

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Cozy sheets

Who doesn’t know the following – you go to bed at night and it feels freezing at first. Some even sleep with various blankets so as not to freeze at night. With the humid air right by the sea, I can definitely tell you a thing or two about it. Because at night it gets really cold in our flat here in Barcelona.

However, for freezing nights, those cozy bed sheets are a perfect solution. Because the winter sheet is not only fluffy but also warms from below thanks to its soft fibers. A great way to comfortably fall into your mini hibernation. With so much fluffiness, getting up in the morning only becomes a bit more difficult;)

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Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Every time I leave the house in winter, I always have one specific accessory with me: a hand warmer. Since I’ve suffered from Raynaud’s syndrome for years, I always have to make sure that my fingers don’t get too cold. But also for everyone else who always has cold hands, a rechargeable hand warmer is the perfect gift.

While I used to have hand warmers that you had to bend in the middle and then boil again with hot water in order to use them again, there is now an electrical solution. Because the rechargeable hand warmers can be easily recharged. The products can usually be set to different temperatures and even serve as a power bank to charge your smartphone battery.

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Fluffy Socks

In addition to cold hands, I also have cold feet all winter long. Of course, it doesn’t help that we have tiled floors throughout the house, which cools down a lot during the winter months.

Thick winter socks or fluffy socks can help. In addition to self-knitted socks that are given as gifts by friends and family, there are so many incredibly cute models. Therefore, cuddly socks are simply a great gift for everyone who has a birthday in winter.

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Heatable Insoles

Anyone who spends a lot of time outside during the winter, especially in the snow, can often get cold feet, even in spite of warm socks. Heatable insoles just help perfectly against cold feet. Especially as a teenager, I always suffered from sore feet whenever it got too cold. No matter how good my winter shoes were – after a while in the snow my feet kept getting cold.

However, when I tried heated soles for the first time, I realized what an ingenious solution they were. For all chilblains like me, these soles, which you simply put in your shoes, offer permanently warm feet even in freezing temperatures – perfect for winter hikes and fun in the snow.

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Warm Slippers

Are you a member of team slippers? If you are not a fan of fluffy socks, you can, of course, always fall back on a pair of fluffy or warm slippers (I even wear both in our apartment in winter). There are all sorts of varieties – from fluffy to cute, to funny and creative.

Especially those who have tiles or parquet floors in their house will probably be grateful for the extra layer between your feet and the cold floor.

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Touchscreen Gloves

Does the following sound familiar to you? – You are wearing your gloves and just want to quickly answer a message. But since the days of cell phones with buttons are long gone, you first have to take off your gloves to use your smartphone. Unfortunately, while typing on the cold screen of the smartphone, you get cold fingers all too quickly.

So-called touchscreen gloves can help. They have built special fibers into their fingers that allow you to use your smartphone while wearing gloves. So you no longer have to choose between warm hands and answering a message.

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Heatable blanket

Wintertime is cuddling time. Cuddle up under a fluffy blanket with a hot cup of cocoa or tea while looking at the cold, stormy weather outside – what could be nicer? But how about if you didn’t have to wait for the blanket to warm up, but instead, it offered you warmth right from the start? This is possible with a heated blanket.

Such a heated blanket is big and fluffy and keeps you warm and comfy at all times. Depending on the blanket, you can choose between different temperatures. Due to its overheating protection, the blanket can even be used all night and offers you warm dreams. You can even wash them in the washing machine.

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Heated Mouse pad

We’ve already shown you a few practical ways you can keep your hands warm while spending time outside. But did you know that there is also a really cool way to keep your hand warm while working – it’s a heated mouse pad.

Maybe you know the following situation just all too well: you sit at your PC and notice that your hands are slowly getting really cold. But warming your hands or tucking them under the covers is also not possible, since you need them to work. A heated mouse pad is a great solution. This practical invention will warm your hand from above while you use your mouse. The heated mouse pad is therefore also a great gift idea for everyone who is currently working from home.

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Fluffy hot-water bottle

During the winter months, my hot water bottle is my constant companion (you can tell that I’m always cold). While I’ve been using a simple hot water bottle for years, I’ve now switched to a fluffy hot water bottle with a cover. Such a cover not only helps to better distribute the warmth of the bottle, but it also helps to delay the cooling of the hot water bottle. So your hot water bottle stays comfortably warm for a longer time.

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Inflatable Sled

Sledding is simply part of winter – whether for young or old. But such a sled is difficult to transport and takes up a lot of space at home. The perfect solution is an inflatable sled. It’s almost doesn’t weigh anything and during the summer, you can easily stow it away somewhere where it doesn’t take any space.

There are various shapes and designs and of course, in addition to children’s versions, there are also models for adults. The selection is large and can ensure a lot of fun on the slopes.

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Light alarm clock

Especially during the winter months, when the sun rises late and you have to get up in the dark, it is not that easy for some to get out of bed. Many people report that getting up seems a lot easier with a light alarm clock.

As the name suggests, the light alarm clock works similarly to a sunrise. The light intensity increases slowly in a period of time that you choose. You can also program it to wake you up with a conventional alarm or with gentle wake-up noises. The slowly increasing rays of light are supposed to simulate a sunrise, which stimulates the production of the “wake-up hormone” serotonin and makes you wake up better.

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Heated Pullover

If the other products presented here are not the right one, or if you are simply still cold, a heated pullover might do the trick. As the name suggests, this is a sweater that can be heated from the inside and therefore, protects you from the cold in winter.

These unique sweaters are equipped with three heating parts that keep your upper body warm while wearing it. Despite everything, the sweater can be machine washed and is made of high-quality materials.

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And – what is your new favorite product for the winter? Or do you have a tip on which gadget should definitely be added to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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