Why become a digital nomad?

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What is a digital nomad?

The world of work is changing by leaps and bounds and concepts such as “remote work” are already familiar to us. Within this new wave of work that gives us more control over our lives, the concept of “digital nomad” has emerged. A digital nomad is essentially a person who works remotely from anywhere in the world with clients from all over the world, while traveling and decides on the spot where it will be installed the next day. It is probably the most uprooted lifestyle of what we know as traditional work (in an office 8 hours a day).

We have been and to a certain extent we are still digital nomads, and if you are reading this, it will probably be because you are considering making a life change. Below you will find a small list of the advantages and disadvantages that I have found in my experience, and that I hope will help you decide in the future.

works to perform as a digital nomad

Works that you can perform as a digital nomad

First of all, let’s talk clearly: not all jobs are susceptible to be done remotely, and this I think is something of common sense. But do not fear, come where you come from, you always have the possibility of reinventing yourself professionally and learning a new field. More and more people are betting on a change of work direction, so cheers! Here is a small list of works remotely performed:

1) Web design and jobs related to IT Development

Web design and development in the computing environment is probably the niche where you will find more digital nomads. They are usually well-paid jobs, which require periodic review, in fields where they are well used to remote work. However, the learning curve can be large and not for all audiences. If in any case you belong to the sector or have notions on the subject, congratulations! it is the market of the future.

2) Photographer and / or video creator

Today there are dozens of online bookstores where companies buy their resources to include them in their advertising, websites, etc. In bookstores like Gettyimages or Pond5 you can sell your photos and videos, and with a good list of products you can easily have a source of income (I myself sell the videos that I make with my drone in Pond5).

3) Online teacher

Something that is increasingly being styled, is online education: From languages to programming courses. And if it gives vertigo to start from scratch, there are many platforms that will mediate between you and your students, and so not have to worry so much about the marketing part. If you need help, in this post you will find 6 free platforms to teach online.

4) Translator

If your gift is languages, you have it easy. Translator is one of the most demanded jobs at a freelance level. Companies usually do not consider having translators on staff since they are usually sporadic jobs and that makes them much more flexible when hiring someone who works remotely.

And these are just some examples, take a look at this post where you will find up to 20 possible jobs more.

digital nomad workplace

Advantages of being a digital nomad

1) Freedom of schedules

Probably the main reason for anyone who wants to work remotely. We all know that there are days that we feel more productive, days that less, so what is the point of making us all work at the same time? Many studies have already confirmed that jobs that better reconcile family life and have a more flexible schedule produce more efficient and happy workers. Being a digital nomad is the last step to this flexibility. You will be able to work from a cafeteria in Zimbabwe or from a beach in Indonesia, the possibilities are endless, and what is better, you decide the hours and days.

2) Being able to reconcile vacations and work in a much more flexible way

Limiting holidays to those 20 or 30 days a year can be frustrating for many and more when you look to the future. Knowing that you will be tied to see the same streets, the same people and sitting at the same table for the remaining 11 months of the year until you retire can be overwhelming. Being a digital nomad allows you to be, as I said before, enjoying something you would do on your vacation (such as traveling or being on the beach) and at the same time being able to work without losing a bit of motivation.

Disadvantages of being a digital nomad

1) Be responsible for your time

It’s funny how most advantages can be disadvantages depending on how we administer them. Having a freedom of schedules can become the greatest chaos if you are not a responsible and disciplined person. Discipline is what separates those who try it from those who achieve it, and sometimes, not having an authoritative figure deciding for you can be a difficult task. You have to organize yourself better than ever and there are days when you simply do not want to.

2) Stability and setbacks

In short, if you are looking for a steadfast stability, being a digital nomad is a path full of setbacks, and that will involve investing a lot of time and passion to make room for yourself. If you are lucky enough to find a job that allows you to work under these conditions without being autonomous, bingo! But how do you have to manage your clients? You will know that in order to achieve that stability you will have to dedicate a lot of time.

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